The Office AssistantFor the New Employee

Here are the expectations we have for ALL employees.  Our guidelines work; we have the highest success rate of permanent placement in NW Arkansas! I f you have any questions about your assignment; please call our office and talk to us. Let us help you; chances are we have worked with your client assignment before and have a good understanding of their company culture.

Be at work at least five minutes early each day. Work until the end of the day. Wait until AFTER your work period ends to shut down your computer and begin leaving.

Do NOT take in a phone. Do not use the company phone or your cell phone during work hours. ONLY make calls on your lunch hour.

Dress professionally. Only carry one bag or briefcase with you.

Listen and observe. Take notes. Do your job and do it well.

Have good etiquette, use “please” and “thank you” frequently. Learn your co-workers name and use them when needed.

Do not work ANY overtime unless your supervisor approaches you and asks you to do it. However, if your team is in a pinch always volunteer to help out!